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2015 ACPEN Signature Series

ACPEN Signature courses are the flagship CPE events of ACPEN, and the top of the line in CPE programing. 

Signature courses, begin in May each year, continue monthly throughout the year, and are replayed for live credit several times, including in December and January. 

Each showcases important and timely CPE topics, using enhanced production techniques, and are delivered by panels of national experts, practitioners, and representatives of regulatory and standard setting bodies.

To see what courses are included in this year, please click on the ACPEN Signature category below. 

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FICPA CPAs in Industry Complete Conference


  • Length: 17 Hours
  • Take your career to new levels of accomplishment with the FICPA CPAs in Industry Conference. Choose from one or two days of enriching instruction, practical applications and enlightening ideas to elevate your enthusiasm and provide solutions to advance your business.

    FICPA CPAs in Industry Conference

    Day 1 - Thursday, May 17, 2012 - All Times Listed are EDT

    8:00am-8:10am - Introduction and Opening Remarks

    8:10am-9:00am - Economic Update (Credits: 1 TB)
    Doug Sandler, Chief Equity Officer / Riverfront Investment Group, LLC, Richmond, VA
    This session will be discussing investing in a zero interest rate environment and the prospects for us, International & Emerging Markets.

    9:00am-9:50am - Strategic Management (Credits: 1 TB)
    Raymond Monteleone, CPA, President and Founding Partner / Paladin Global Partners, Ft Lauderdale, FL
    The Process of Strategic Management:  It is useful for long-term planning and day to day problem solving.  All of the pieces fit a larger pie.

    10:05am-11:45am - A&A: What's Changed (Credits: 2 AA)
    J E. Grossman, CFE,CMA,CPA
    U.S. accounting standards are changing as the FASB addresses a long agenda of recognition and presentation issues. This presentation will provide an overview of major projects and recent proposals that will affect financial statement preparers and users.

    11:45am - 12:40pm – Lunch Break

    12:40pm-1:30pm - Federal/State Gov. Funding Assistance - Available Now (Credits: 1 TB)
    Lunelle Siegel, EDFP, Lending Manager / Corporate Funding, Tampa, FL
    Learn about possible financing options for your company including Federal/State and Local Government programs.

    1:30pm-2:20pm - Personal Financial Planning: How Much is Enough? Answers for the hard questions (Credits: 1 TB)
    Robert K. Torrington, Senior Vice President, Wealth Advisor / UBS Financial Services, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
    Michael Romagnolo, Senior Vice President / UBS Financial Services, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
    Amidst global economic uncertainty, political dysfunction, fear and information overload, people need reliable answers to the most difficult questions about their goals and security. Instead, many people are experiencing a crisis of leadership and an uncertain way forward.

    2:35pm-4:15pm - Presentation of Your Financial Statements to Different Audiences (Credits: 2 AA)
    Sean E. Dannelly, CPA, Founding Partner / Dannelly, Monteleone & Associates LLC, Ft Lauderdale, FL
    This session will discuss both for profit and not for profit financial statement presentations to different audiences such as executive management committees, boards of directors, and third party recipients (i.e., banking and bonding companies).

    4:15pm-5:05pm - Federal Tax Update (Credits: 1 TB)
    Vicki H. Meyer, CPA, Director / Thomas Howell Ferguson, PA, Tallahassee, FL
    This presentation will highlight recent income tax developments, including legislation, regulations, cases, rulings and other administrative pronouncements.

    Day 2 - Friday, May 18, 2012 - All times listed are EDT.

    8:10am-9:50am - Panel: What Does International Business Mean to You? (Credits: 2 TB)
    William B. Sherman, Partner / Holland & Knight, LLP, Ft Lauderdale, FL
    Charlotte Starfire, Global Trade Solutions Executive / SunTrust Bank, Tampa Bay, Tampa, FL
    Lorrie Belovich, Regional Manager, Trade Development / Enterprise Florida, Inc, Orlando, FL
    Jim Pyburn, Director Trade Development / Tampa Port Authority, Tampa, FL
    The panelist will discuss what international business opportunities that are in your area and how they can help facilitate companies taking advantage of these to expand your business. Each of the panelists will also speak to how their organizations support companies in each of the geographic areas in regards to international business.

    10:05am-10:55am - How to Prepare for an Audit and Lower Your Audit Fees (Credits: 1 AA)
    Matthew C. McNamara, CPA, Principal / Barley McNamara Wild Martin Jackson, Tampa, FL
    Daniel G. Jackson, Principal / Barley McNamara Wild Martin Jackson, Tampa, FL
    This presentation will discuss, based on experience as auditors, what a client can do to be prepared for the audit which will reduce time and fees. Also discussed will be negotiation tools to reduce the overall coast of the audit.

    10:55am-11:45am - Valuing Intangibles for Acquisitions, Fresh Start, or Impairment (Credits: 1 AA)
    C. Brett Cooper, CPA/ABV, ASA, BVAL, Consultant / PCE Companies, Tampa, FL
    Update on FASB activity relating to intangible asset valuation in a business combination, goodwill impairment determination or fresh start accounting situation; and guidance on issues to be aware of in terms of inputs, concepts and methods used by independant valuation firms when determining the fair value of intangables in light of recent SEC comments.

    11:45am - 12:40pm – Lunch Break

    12:40pm-1:30pm - Sales Tax Double Feature: Multi-State Nexus Developments from the 1950s Through the Digital Age & What to Do Before/During a Florida Sales/Use Tax Audit (Credits: 1 TB)
    Gary Peric, CPA,JD, Crowe Horwath LLP, Tampa, FL
    Eric A. de Moya, JD, Crowe Horwath LLP, Tampa, FL
    This session will discuss the multi-state evolution of the sales/use tax nexus standard and remote seller compliance obligations as well provide participants with Florida sales/use tax audit tips and traps to avoid.

    1:30pm-2:20pm - Computer Security: Protecting Yourself and your Clients (Credits: 1 TB)
    Serge Jorgensen, Chief Technology Officer / Sylint Group, Sarasota, FL
    Identifying essential, yet simple, techniques to increase the security of your company and protect your clients, this presentation will cover current and emerging threats to your Information Security and offer an in-depth analysis of the typical cyber-intrusion.

    2:35pm-4:15pm - Management Accounting for Growth (Credits: 2 AA)
    Ford Kyes, Founding Partner and Master Coach / ActionCOACH Pinellas, Palm Harbor, FL
    What financial results do business leaders need to understand and track to drive profitability? As one of the top business coaches in America; Ford will share his insights on the "Key Predictive Indicators" (KPI's) of success in any economy.

Basic Course Information

  • CPE Credits: 17
  • Program Level (Basic, Update, Intermediate, Advanced, Overview): Update
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Advanced Preparation: N/A
  • Designed For: CPAs in industry, or CPAs with industry clients
  • Producer: Florida Institute of CPAs
  • Field of Study 1: Accounting & Auditing_8 Hours
  • Field of Study 2: Business Management & Organization_4 Hours
  • Field of Study 3: Taxes_4 Hours
  • Field of Study 4: Economics_1 Hour

Learning Objectives

  • Learning Objectives: *This two-day conference addresses today's issues, including health care reform, fraud prevention, employee strategies, cost accounting and technology. High-level experts from across the state and country will help you assess the variety of issues that CPAs in Industry face. You'll walk away with the platform you need to step up to success.

Major Subjects


  • Course Developer: Florida Institute of CPAs
  • Faculty and Production Information

    Course Materials

    • Course Materials
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      • CPAs in Industry Electronic Manual-TMPA (0)
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