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Anne Bert

Chief Operating Officer

Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund

Anne Bert is the Chief Operating Officer of the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (FHCF) for the State Board of Administration of Florida (SBA).  She is also President of the State Board of Administration Finance Corporation, a statutorily created public benefit corporation created for the purpose of facilitating the issuance of bonds following a major catastrophe.  Anne serves on the Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology, which was created as a panel of experts by the Florida Legislature for the purpose of providing guidelines and standards in the review and evaluation of hurricane and flood computer models used to project losses in residential property rate filings.  At the SBA, she has the additional responsibility of overseeing the Insurance Capital Build-up Incentive Program.


Anne has been a member of the FHCF since January of 1999, previously serving as the FHCF Director of Operations.  Her responsibilities in that capacity were to assist and advise the prior Chief Operating Officer in matters relating to the operations, administration, and financial management of the FHCF.  Anne has actively participated in over $19 billion of various financings and reinsurance transactions. She had oversight for the reimbursement of over $9 billion in loss payments resulting from the 2004-2005 hurricanes and additionally for ongoing payments related to Hurricane Irma. 


Prior to coming to the SBA, Anne was the Finance Director/Town Clerk for a Florida municipality.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Social Science with emphasis in Public Administration from Florida State University.  She also has the professional designation of Certified Public Manager from Florida State University.