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Larry A. Oday, Esq, PLLC

Larry Oday is the President of Larry Oday, Esq, PLLC. He has been involved in healthcare law for nearly 40 years. In the early 1980s, he was the Director of the Bureau of Program Policy (later known as the Bureau of Eligibility, Reimbursement and Coverage) for HCFA (now CMS). One of his signature achievements in those years was the successful design, enactment and implementation of the Prospective Payment System for hospital inpatients under the Medicare program.

Larry has been actively engaged in the private practice of law since 1984. He specializes in helping hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, health plans and other stakeholders in the Medicare and Medicaid programs achieve their coverage and reimbursement goals while remaining fully compliant with Federal healthcare law and policy.

Larry retired from a major international law firm in December 2010 after being a partner in that firm for nearly 20 years. However, Larry continues to maintain an active health law practice as a sole practitioner.

Larry lectures widely on Medicare law and policy matters. He has also written numerous articles for newsletters. Larry was named an Outstanding Lawyer for 2012 for the District of Columbia in the specialty of health law.