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Michael L. Elkins

Founder & Partner


Michael Elkins is 20 year, nationally quoted labor and employment and sports law attorney.

Michael has been featured by national media outlets such as CNN, Forbes, Newsweeek, The New York Daily News, Bloomberg, Yahoo, Yahoo Life, Yahoo Finance, The Miami Herald and more, discussing issues ranging from Major League Baseball’s collective bargaining negotiations to employer COVID-19 vaccination mandates. Michael is a national resource on labor and employment matters and provided extensive commentary during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michael is the founder of MLE Law, which is a full-service labor and employment and business law firm that uses modern technology to provide businesses an efficient, transparent and price- predictable legal experience. Michael’s labor and employment practice focuses on assisting clients with their day-to-day legal needs, administrative claims, matters pending in courts at any level, and employer/employee specific issues. Having spent the majority of his career working in large to mid-size Florida law firms, Michael founded MLE Law to, among other things, modernize the business of law by providing alternative fee structures wherein clients are not charged for phoning, emailing or texting about their matters. The firm allows for modern, efficient and global representation while only charging clients for actual legal work produced.

Michael is disrupting how lawyers attract and retain business. As the creator and host of the “Quarter Four” podcast, which he founded in 2018, he is using modern media to not only promote MLE Law, but his overall brand. The podcast covers the intersection between business and sports, providing listeners an inside look into the psychology of what makes individuals successful on and off the field. Michael’s podcast has had nationally recognizable guests such as Michael Lombardi, AJ Vaynerchuk, Jeff Darlington, Eric Musselman, and Julius Thomas to name a few.