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Patrick W. Flynn


Flynn Community Compliance

Patrick Flynn is the retired Chief of Compliance with the Florida DBPR. The bureau compliance is responsible for ensuring that condominiums, cooperative, timeshares and mobile home parks comply with the requirements of Chapters, 718, 719, 721, and 723 and their associated administrative rules. The bureau is also responsible for the licensing and regulation of Yacht and Ship salesmen and brokers. Prior to this Mr. Flynn was the head of the bureau’s education section. In this capacity, Mr. Flynn traveled around the state conducting education seminars for unit owners, board members and Community Association Managers on various topics related to the operation of community associations along with preparing legislative bill analysis on pending legislation effecting regulated communities. Prior to this he was Supervisor of the Tallahassee Financial Investigation section of the Bureau of Compliance and spent several years as a Financial Examiner/Analyst in Ft. Lauderdale and Tallahassee prior to being the supervisor. He has been with the Division for 20 years and with the Department for 29 year. Mr. Flynn is a native Floridian and holds degrees from Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College.